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A space to share our perfectly imperfect journey toward permanent nomadic living in our tiny home on wheels, home-/world-/wild-schooling our children, all while checking off my mother's travel bucket list!
We hope to build a community of like-minded individuals and support each other along the way!
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Hi there! I am Veronica Brin Yuspraikh Aragón - a mouthful, I know, and it grounds me in my roots. I am on an eternal, non-linear quest to live a greener, more frugal, minimal, multicultural and soulful life.


I am learning to embrace the messiness of this process and the perfectly imperfect path that I am on as a mother, a partner, a daughter, a friend, and a human being.

I believe community is an extremely powerful way to learn and grow and hope that sharing my and my family's journey in cultivating a braver, more compassionate and present practice in life can inspire and support others in nurturing that same authenticity in their lives.

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